Hunting 101

If you are reading this, you are probably new to grid wide hunting, and wondering what the heck it is.

Well basically hunts are like huge treasure hunts, with lots of different stores or locations offering free stuff inside an object hidden somewhere in their store.

Your job as a hunter is to locate these objects and buy them.

Once you have purchased a hunt item you will see in the folder created in your inventory that there is a prize and a landmark.

Teleport on over to the landmark inside your folder and repeat the hunting process all over again at that store.

Rinse and repeat till you have located all the objects from all the participating stores.

You can easily find hunts to hunt by visiting the following blogs:


Read on for some more detailed tips to help with your hunting experience.


  1. Deprim all unnecessary items – this helps with lag greatly.
  2. Make sure you are in the right location (locating the banner usually helps or follow the red arrow when you click on about landmark)
  3. Take the time to let the entire store rez.
  4. Read the hint carefully and think about what it could mean.
  5. Read the blog if there is one, as it will contain important and up to date information.
  6. Look high and look low.
  7. If you are still stuck after doing the above steps, then make sure when asking for help in the group that you seek an additional hint and include the store name and number in hunt.
  8. Do not ask the store owner for help or complain to them about their prize/store etc…
  9. Do not paste the exact slurl or give exact hint in local or group chat
  10. Remember hunts are supposed to be for fun and for getting free or cheaply priced items. If it starts to get unfun, take a break and come back to it. Most hunts last long enough that you don’t have to rush.
  11. If you can unbox at a location, make sure to delete or pick up the box after you are done.

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