1. These stairs are made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll do!
  2. Baby Blue is keeping this pyramid nice and warm!
  3. I am turning a little red as I got my swag on.
  4. out of hunt, SKIP
  5. Swing from a palm tree.
  6. This pyramid is blooming.
  7. Please check hint giver in store.
  8. To Protect and Serve.
  9. You gotta be lucky to find this.
  10. The eyes have it.
  11. Check Hint Giver.
  12. Hunted high and low and every corner? (Emma’s @ Valentine’s Moose Shop)
  13. Classic Five?
  14. Wake and Bake.
  15. Check under your seat.
  16. Egyptian treasure.
  17. Go upstairs and give me a Second Chance.

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